I’m coming back! 

Yes, I’m finally coming back! IDK for how long, hopefully for awhile, but :) I’m gonna make my GIFs immediately.

Erica the Phony Bitch. 

So apparently, the only reason Erica didn’t get her ass laid on the floor at the Reunion along with Elease is because she had a Doctor’s Note! LMAO! Supposedly she had a mis-carriage and lost her baby, which is not funny though. But if she was going through all that she shouldn’t been acting like she was the shit, and she was gon’ actually do something to the Twins! This is what annoys me about her. Who the hell brings a Doctor’s Note to excuse them for fighting? Yet ’ you about that life ‘? LMAO. Bitch please.

“Whoop that ass! Whoop it! WHOOP THAT ASS! Get her. BEAT. HER. ASS! WHOOP THAT ASS CAMILLA! Whoop that ass and have your Auntie Glee come get you. My shoe gonna be upside your motherfucking head, that’s what the punks gonna be, upside your head, bitch. Look at it. Your face looks like a motherfucking shoe, bitch from Payless.” — Camilla Poindexter’s Mother (via xxmlg)

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chriscuffedyogirlkush asked: do u think the new girls are real or fake

I think Christine wasn’t fake at all. She just didn’t feel BGC was a place for her, and I would think the same thing especially after being fucking jumped for wanting to leave and having my stuff destroyed. Now onto Camilla. I also think she’s real, I understand her for being tired of being Christine’s big sister even though that whole jumping was too far. And from the looks of it, the girls try to do the same to Camilla next episode with her bed and everything, but she quickly put those bitches in check even Amy which is why I have hope in her.

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